Dragon door Reciprocating Car Washer (without blowing)


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Dragon door Reciprocating Car Washer (without blowing)

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Dragon door Reciprocating Car Washer (without blowing)
Detailed introduction
DXC-A series gantry type automatic computer car washer is controlled by computer with high degree of automation and easy operation. Operators only need to press the "cleaning" button. The car washer will complete the whole cleaning process (water + detergent, water + wax) in one time.
It is mainly used for cleaning and waxing the exterior of cars and minivans. It has high automation, good anti-embroidery performance, good reliability, beautiful appearance and clear washing process.
Small side brush, top brush and large side brush, high pressure spray and bottom spray are modular structures. According to different users, special sites can be flexibly combined to achieve the purpose of vehicle cleaning.
Complete functions, beautiful appearance, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, low maintenance cost, low car washing cost, are widely used in automobile operation, sales, service, maintenance and other industries. Users are all over the country, production and sales are in the forefront of the industry, products are exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Canada and other countries, by the Ministry of Communications of China under the China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Industry Association as "car washers in 2014, China's single automobile insurance products export top 20" enterprises.
Product characteristics:
Sub-item system:
1) Computer control system: select international well-known components such as Mitsubishi of Japan, Taida of Taiwan, Schneider of France, Yadeke of Taiwan and so on, with reliable and stable performance. Advanced self-test function can test the manual, automatic, motor, air pressure, water spraying, wax spraying system of car washer.
2) Safety protection system: advanced infrared electric eye can automatically sense the car type. After the car washer starts, it does not need manual selection. It can automatically determine the car type and wash the car. At the same time, all the automatic car wash procedures can be controlled manually to ensure the safety of car wash.
3) Ultra-soft special brush: using high-quality ultra-soft sponge brush strip. Super gentle, no injury to the body. The average pressure can be maintained at all points and surfaces where the brush contacts the body. Under the minimum pressure condition, the brush can completely wrap the body and achieve the best car washing effect. It has increased from 200,000 car washes to 400,000 car washes.
Product Name: Longmen Reciprocating Car Washer
Model: DXC (A) - 501
1. Shape size of car washer (length * width * height): 2000 * 3560 * 2850mm
2. Maximum Car Washing Specification (Length *Width *Height): 5500 *1950 *2000mm
3. Vehicle washing speed: about 20 vehicles per hour
4. Water consumption: 80-100L/vehicle.
5. Total installed capacity: 8KW
6. Compressed air pressure: 0.8Mpa
7. Net Machine Weight: About 2T
8. Length of guideway: 10 meters
9. Large side brush: 2 (branches)
10. Small side brush: 2 (branches)
11. Top brush: 1 (branch)
12. Air-drying system: none
13. Bottom Spray Flushing: 1 Set
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