Single arm brushless car washer


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Single arm brushless car washer

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DXC(E2) Single-Seven Brushless Car Washing Machine
Detailed introduction
Main features:
Contactless computer car washer has the characteristics of small occupation, low price, simple operation, convenient use, flexible and diverse functions. It is mainly used for cleaning the exterior of cars and minivans. It has high automation, good rust resistance, good reliability, beautiful appearance and clear washing process. Contactless computer car washer with more than a dozen rotating or swinging or fixed sprinklers sprays high-pressure water molecular oscillation, excellent visual effect, from all directions to clean every part of the body. Spray foam automatically, wash the chassis automatically, spray evenly on the surface of the car body, effectively dissolve all kinds of stubborn dirt adhered to the body. Then choose water wax function, spray it on your car, cooperate with manual wiping, make your car as clean as new. In addition, air-drying system is optional for non-contact computer car washer and sewage treatment system is optional for strong blow-drying car body to meet the requirements of urban environmental protection. Complete functions, beautiful appearance, energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, low maintenance cost, low car washing cost, are widely used in automobile operation, sales, service, maintenance and other industries. Users are all over the country, production and sales are in the forefront of the industry, products are exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, Canada and other countries, by the Ministry of Communications of China under the China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Industry Association as "2017 China Automobile Maintenance Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises Export Top 20" enterprises.
Car washer products have been granted more than ten patents by the state and protected by the State Intellectual Property rights.
Online maintenance of connecting lines can be realized at home and abroad. We are responsible for installation, commissioning and training of the whole machine. The cost of overseas installation, commissioning and training related to export shall be borne by the buyer.
Main functions: automatic induction spraying water automatic spraying car wash liquid automatic washing chassis automatic washing wheel rim automatic spraying bright wax system automatic detection
Model: DXC (E2) single-seven brushless car washer
Shape size: (length * width * height) 6400 * 3400 * 3050mm
Maximum car wash size: (length * width * height) 5500 * 2000 * 2000mm
Track Length: 6000mm
Whole machine weight: 1300kg
Packing volume: 4.7m3
Full power: 380v/13kw
Longitudinal drive: belt drive
Horizontal Drive: Chain Drive
Rotary drive: multi-stage worm and worm
Water supply system: high pressure plunger pump (physical agriculture and forestry)
Flushing pressure: 70kg/m2
Water consumption: about 150 L
Power consumption: 0.4 degrees
Vehicle washing speed: 3-4 minutes per vehicle
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