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Common problem

Common problem

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Category Failure phenomenon Original   use Solution
Top brush Can't turn Motor overload Adjusting the rotation mechanism
Motor wire off Rewiring
There is an abnormal sound Loose cylinder Fastening cylinder
Drive bearing damage Replace the bearing
Moving too fast or too slow Air flow regulator valve flow is too large or too small Adjust the flow rate of the corresponding speed control valve so that there is no obvious impact position.
Large vertical brush Can't open and close properly Left and right opening and closing limit failure Check the limit proximity switch
The bearing is stuck. Cleaning the bearings, refueling
Pressure gauge shows no air pressure Adjust air pressure
Solenoid valve does not work Check the gas path
Waterway Do not spray water Nozzle blockage Cleaning nozzle
Insufficient water in the reservoir Increase water volume
Pump motor overload or off-line Rewiring
Pump body failure Repair the pump body
Solenoid valve damage Replacement valve
There is air in the pump body Loosen the vent and tighten the air
No water stop Foreign matter in the solenoid valve Cleaning the solenoid valve



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