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Customer service

Customer service

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After-sales service and training The company is committed to good service, as follows:

I. Pre-sales service:

Help the demand side to make suggestions and provide technical guidance according to the buyer's site layout, ground requirements, power requirements, etc., to ensure the rationality, practicability and safety of equipment layout.

Second, In-sale service:

For the free installation of the demand side, the site location, arrangement and layout required for the equipment, help the staff to arrange the production process, and install the equipment in place.

Third, After-sales service:

In order to improve the after-sales service system of the company, clarify the mutual rights and obligations of the company and users, and ensure the normal use and normal operation of the products, as well as the future repair and maintenance work, according to relevant national regulations, our company has formulated the following After-sales service regulations: Warranty period: When the equipment is in normal operation, we will implement the “Three Guarantees” according to the manufacturer's commitment. The warranty period begins from the date of inspection and acceptance of the equipment. The warranty period is one year .

Zhonglihuang After-sales Service Co., Ltd.: Ma Guomin

Contact: 15355509251

Four, Training:

After the buyer receives, installs and commissions the equipment, we will send relevant technicians to the customer's location to conduct free technical training (including use, maintenance and safety operation training) and the use of inspection and maintenance for free maintenance.

Number of trainees: The assessment of the relevant personnel of the training will reach 1-2.

Training content: The working principle of all parts of the whole machine (including electrical principle, pneumatic principle, working principle of the mechanism, etc.), operating points, common faults, maintenance and maintenance, safety rules, etc. Knowledge training from sensibility to rationality, from theory to practice, helps demand-side operators to further improve the understanding and mastery of the performance of the product to facilitate good operation to prevent unnecessary failures.

Training objectives: Operators can operate independently and correctly; maintenance personnel can skillfully judge and handle common faults to ensure normal operation of the vehicle.

“Quality service, customer is God” is our service tenet. After the warranty period, we are responsible for providing lifelong tracking service. The user needs to replace the accessories only to charge the corresponding cost price, and we provide long-term free technical support. The spare parts supply is sufficient, and the quality is reliable and timely.


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