Gateway bus washing machine(3 brushes)


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Gateway bus washing machine(3 brushes)

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Bus washer

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Bus washer
Main features:
Bus computer car washer is controlled by computer with high automation, complete functions, beautiful appearance, energy saving and environmental protection, long service life, low cost of car washing, low maintenance cost, good anti-embroidery performance and reliability.
Main functions:
Automatic induction sprinkler automatic copying scrubbing car body automatic flushing chassis system automatic detection optional sewage treatment system, environmental protection and water saving
Sub-item system:
1) Computer control system: select international well-known components such as Mitsubishi of Japan, Schneider of France, Yadeke of Taiwan, with reliable and stable performance. Advanced self-test function can test the manual, automatic, motor, air pressure, water spraying system of car washer.
2) Safety protection system: advanced infrared electric eye can automatically sense the car type. After the car washer starts, it does not need manual selection. It can automatically determine the car type and wash the car. At the same time, all the automatic car wash procedures can be controlled manually to ensure the safety of car wash.
3) Ultra-soft special brush: using high-quality ultra-soft sponge brush strip. Super gentle, no injury to the body. The average pressure can be maintained at all points and surfaces where the brush contacts the body. Under the minimum pressure condition, the brush can completely wrap the body and achieve the best car washing effect. It has increased from 200,000 car washes to 400,000 car washes.
Car washer products have been patented by more than 50 countries and protected by national intellectual property rights. Five brushes, seven brushes and eight brushes are patented products in China, which are exclusively produced in China.
The whole machine adopts the most advanced hot-dip galvanizing process, prolonging the service life of the machine, national standard accessories, brush protection 400,000 vehicles. It has remote control function.
Online maintenance of connecting lines can be realized at home and abroad. We are responsible for installation, commissioning and training of the whole machine. The cost of overseas installation, commissioning and training related to export shall be borne by the buyer.
Channel Three Brush Bus Washer
Model Specification: Three Brush Channel Car Washer
1. Suitable vehicle type: > 6m class medium and large bus
2. Maximum car wash specifications (width * height): 2600 * 3600 (4200) mm (length is unlimited)
3. Choice of cleaning: washing with water and detergent
4. Cleaning mode: channel type (washing, washing), self-driving mode
5. Number of cleaning brushes: two groups of side brushes and one group of top brushes
6. Operation mode: automatic control and manual control
7. Car washing capacity: self-passing, 50s~1.5 minutes/vehicle
8. Installation capacity: 8.5 kw
9. Water consumption: <100 liters/min
10. Air pressure: 0.7Mpa
11. Power supply: three-phase five-wire 380V/50HZ
12. Shape size of car washer (length x width x height): 4075 x 5470 x 4800 (5500) mm
13. Control mode: PLC computer control (automatic induction)
14. Material of car washer: steel structure, through anticorrosive, rust-proof, hot-dip galvanizing treatment and high-quality paint baking process treatment
15. Electrical components: in accordance with national standards, CE and CCC certificates, insulation grade B
16. Vehicle Cleaning and Moving Mode: Active Form of Driver Driving Vehicle Forward
17. Cleaning brush installs splash-proof baffle to prevent splash of car washing water
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